Do you have a Neat-O?

Do you have a Neat-O?
When I was little my mom and dads friends had these giant things hanging from their ceiling. They hung from big heavy duty rings and attached to those rings were snap swivel hooks(fishing gear). We would go to their house, the adults would play guitars and me and my sister would dance and play outside. But that massive dangly thing was mesmerizing to me. On those swivel hooks were random do-dads, trinkets, and treasures. They called it a Neato. It is a collection of all the little things that you seem to collect during your lifetime. The things you don’t know what to do with but they mean something to you. Keychains, necklace charms, toys, lonely earrings, etc all compiled into a hanging beauty that tells stories about your life through the years. My parents’ friends had been collecting a long time so you can imagine how big this thing was! They helped me and my sister start ours the summer we came to visit our hometown, I was about 13 and my sister 15. I’ve slowly added to it as the years pass and have started one for my kids. This fancy treasure is an awesome way to keep your special baubles and tshatshkes in a safe place where you get to look at them. They no longer have to hide in a drawer or jewelry box. They can be put out in plain sight for all to see so you can share your life’s beautiful stories! Enjoy!


 Putting your mind at ease with Multi level marketing companies 

Most people are scared of pyramid schemes, I know, I am! They con you into buying a product or investing in something that you don’t actually get to touch. Who wouldn’t be fearful? “Sure, let me just throw all my hard earned cash at you because what you’re saying tells me I’ll make tons of money and not have to work for it!” People who are into these things are either;  1. ruthless and they don’t care about you or your feelings and are also trying to make a quick buck. Or 2. They have been duped themselves but haven’t realized it yet. 

Pyramid schemed explained…they are called pyramid schemes because the shape they seem to take. There are a few high payed people who are towards the top and the lower you go you will see more people that are getting payed less. This is why people are fearful, because they see the minority’s getting payed less and they have to climb the ladder to get to the top where the money is flowing better. But with pyramids schemes the people on the bottom never make it to the top. The people who are higher up can choose to let you climb or not. Good chances are, they’re not going to let you up because they want to make more money off of the little (naive) guy who thinks the more people they invite to join the business the more money they will make.

I’m here to tell you a cold hard fact about this….THIS IS HOW EVERY JOB OUT THERE WORKS!!!! Ok, I’m sorry I yelled at you but let’s think for a second. When you walk into your first job you know nothing(you are at the bottom) but you slowly learn it which mean you slowly climb(the pyramid) and you might get a raise. Your boss gets paid more than you, so does your manager, so does anyone else above you!! This is a that pyramid shape again people! Your church has the same shape! You are in the pews, you’re not going to rank up in your church either.

 An MLM is not quite the same thing and it’s not a scheme. It takes more of a square shape because you, your enrollee and your personally enrolled are a team. You work together and help build each other up. An MLM is a ligitamint business just like your 9 to 5 clock punching job without all the politics, rules and regulations, and the part where you don’t get to pick your own hours and have to deal with your boss.

 Let me explain a few things about the difference between an MLM versus a pyramid scheme. 
A few guidelines to go by when choosing a MLM company. 

1. Check to see how long the company has been in business. If you hear things like, “ground breaking” or “just starting out but there’s already tons of proof behind it.” Don’t buy that nonsense. Any company who is just gettin started will most likely fail in this industry. Statistically speaking 50% of these businesses fail in the first year. After 5 years of the business “working out” 90% of the reps have left the company. 

2. What does the company sell? Do they sell a product such as bags or containers, cleaning supplies or jewelry? Do they offer some kind of service? Do they have promises that they will help you get money fast with little or no work? Be leary of these companies. 

3. If the person approaching you says there are no start up fees….walk away. It takes money to make money. Everything has a start up fee if it is a legitimate business. You have to invest in the company that you were working with. Just turn the tables and ask yourself this, “would someone who I don’t know believe me and just hand me money in hopes they will make money?” 

4. Can the people who are just starting out in the business rank up past the enrollee? If you just signed up with an MLM company can you pass your leader and make more money than that person? Is there an income ceiling? 

5. When you buy into this company or invest, do you have inventory that you have to store? Are you spending gobs of money upfront and having to haul around product, mail product to customers and keep track of orders too?

So do your research, see what the company stands for. Does the company sell a product, a service, or nothing tangible at all, are they just starting out? How long have they been in business, what is the main purpose of the business, and ask to see physical results?

 I work for a wonderful MLM company where I make money to pay for my product, I do not have inventory, I do not have to mail product to customers, I do not have to keep track of orders and money, I can out rank my leaders, there are no ceilings on my income, my income is willable, and if I stop working for a week I still make money. To me this is not work, I love it and I make friends along the way. It’s awesome!  I am investing in myself, my health, my family’s health, and my family’s wealth. I am my own boss, I get to stay at home with my kids, I make my own hours, and I get to teach people what my company has to offer and educate them on health and I get paid!! It’s not a dream, it’s the real deal. It is the best job offer ever and Im never turning back. Not only has it helped my income and my family’s health, it is also boosted my confidence and made me step out of my shell. I didn’t start with the company by breaking the bank! All’s I do is show people where to start and help them along the way. I don’t sell anything! My company is legit and it had been around for over twenty years. And my company gives out incentives to its loyal customers. I get free product because I am loyal to my company. Plus I earn free points to buy more product. I love my company! It is definitely a dream job and I love it!!!

If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking into a legitimate business, please do your research!! Don’t end up broke and angry! Because there is nobody you can go after if you buy into a pyramid scheme except yourself! 

If your curious about a legitimate MLM company, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help a new entrepreneur start their journey!! I started my journey without help and I’m here to help others! 

I tried yoga and I love it!

Well, I went for it. I left my comfort zone and stepped into a yoga class! Even though my arms and legs are now made of jello, I LOVE it!! I want to go again! I really had no idea what was expected when I stood on my yoga mat. I’ve been really overloaded lately and I was seriously able to relax, focus on my breathing and let stuff go! I have two kids under the age of 3 so I’m constantly going. Plus the chores of the house; meals, dishes, color, laundry, play, read, pick up, shop, I think you get the idea. I’m slap trying to get my business off the ground so I’m on my computer a lot? My mind is always trying to come up with a more creative way or somewhere to hold a class. From the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep my mind is busy. I feel I can’t get a break. But I walked out of yoga feeling refreshed, worn out but refreshed. I loved the fact that I had no cares in the world. Just a mat, a teacher, some other ladies (who knew what they were doing) and some calming music. My thoughts calmed and I just did my poses. Maybe applying spearmint to  the neck of my shirt helped. I would smell it now and again and it was envigorating and refreshing at the same time. I feel great though!! I definitely have planned my next class. What about you, have you tried yoga? 

I love stretching so it felt wonderful to try all the poses then to shift gears and hold them! Ooh! The shaking! Lol Oh the soreness! But oh, that wonderful feeling!

If you have not tried it yet you should… least once. If your not into getting in shape than at least try it for the mental aspect of it. I felt I had a clearer mind afterwards although I just wanted a nap, I was able to think more rationally. I recommend yoga to anyone! 

Have a great day!

Happy oiling!

Don’t forget to breathe!

Mexican Chicken Lacto-fermented Salsa

Hey everyone!! Yum overload!!!

I’m so excited to share with you this recipe. It is not mine, I found it in a book titled ” the heal your gut cookbook,”  by Hillary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett. 

I just made it and it is bomb! I wanted to share it with you because not only does it taste fantastic, it looks like it tastes fantastic AND it smells like it tastes fantastic! Check!! But it has fermented sauerkraut juice in it which helps heal your gut. Yay!! Double check!! 

Of course it’s me, so I altered it just a smidgen. This recipe calls for lemon juice, lime juice, and some oregano seasoning. So what I did was exchange those three things for essential oils. Come on, you knew that there had to be some essential oils slipped into into this recipe. If you know me at all, then you know that I can’t stick to a recipe so I altered it quite a bit. I also made herb butter from the same book and it called for rosemary but I added rosemary oil to it instead. Yup, that’s me, altering everything and always trying to add essential oils! 

Here’s the recipe, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


1 chicken breast

2 tbs coconut oil

1/4 of a yellow onion sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 bell pepper (any color)

1 tbs taco seasoning 

Juice from 1 lime with zest

Handful of cilantro 

How to:

Preheat the oven for 350. Sautée onions and bells in cococonut oil(I used a flat cast iron skillet). Then add the lime juice and limes best to the veggies. Salt, pepper, and taco season both sides of the chicken then seer both sides of the chicken(I just cooked it on the pan that the veggies were cooking on, move over veggies!) then place the chicken in an oven safe baking dish, I greased mind with coconut oil. After the veggies are cooked, surround the chicken with them. I added some more lime juice and cilantro and shoved it in the oven!…….. Patiently waiting….. 15 minutes in the oven should be good. Cut it open and check the color of the chicken.

 I’ve gotta tell ya, I have a hard Time keeping chicken moist when I cook it but after I pulled this recipe out of the oven it was so juicy I fell in love. Then I add the salsa on top of that, it was sooo perfect! You have got to try this!! 

Let me know what you think?!!!

1/4 cup sauerkraut juice( I used Bubbies)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp crushed coriander 

2-3 minced garlic cloves 

1/4 diced onion

1/4 jalapeño 

1/4 cup diced tomatoes 

3 drops oregano essential oil

3 drops lime essential oil 

3 drops lemon essential oil 

Handful cilantro 

Just mix all this wonderful stuff together in a bowl(I added all of it on top of my chicken.
Have a great day!! Enjoy your chicken and as always, Happy oiling!!

Love , Erin

This is who I am

A little bit about me….My name is Erin Middleton I’m a wife to my husband Brian and a mother to my two kids, Hadassah and Asher. I love self-help books, big guns, pirate ships and pirates, snipers, coffee, tattoos, rings, sign language, miniature stuff and food. I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I can fix or create almost anything. I know a lot about plants, animals, and insects. I am loyal, honest, trustworthy and a hard worker.

 I don’t like being vulnerable so this is scary for me to post but I am constantly trying to grow. Believe it or not, being a part of Young Living has helped me to come out of my shell!! It’s really shocking and liberating. I’m terrible at articulating so a lot of people don’t understand what I’m trying to say a lot of the times.I am almost 32 and still have not figured myself out, so I’m not sure what I want in this life. I now have a passion for sharing oils because I’ve seen what they have to offer. Other than improving your health and wellness I’ve made new friends and I am on the road to financial freedom!

I’ve never accomplished anything in my life and I want to get out of this rut! Sharing my oils and doing the business side is something I feel I can actually accomplish, so I WILL MAKE IT! I’m tired of living the feast or famine life being a contractors wife. There were weeks that I had to make every meal with rice and beans for 3 kids and just enough gas to get to the next job. I’m DONE with that! 
I asked friends, family, and acquaintances to describe me. I know some of these to be deeply true. So here’s what I’ve come up with. I am deep, strong willed even if I’m wrong, I am creative and intelligent, I am wise, teachable and definitely ornery. I can take physical pain like nobodies business but I crumble at the slightest amount of criticism so words definitely hurt more than sticks and stones. I analyze everything, I’m skeptical but I am very trusting. I hide all of my emotions except anger. 

And chances are, if you show up at my house unannounced you will find a sink or both full of dirty dishes. 

But I realize I am no less of a person because everyone is just like me and everyone has their own battles to fight. 

I am thankful for being able to share myself with you! Thank you! 

Love, Erin

Happy oiling!!

Peach Thieves Tea

Peach Thieves tea
I was on a mission this morning to try to find more places to teach essential oil class. I went and got a smoothie at a local health food store. I chose this smoothie because it was the only one on the menu that contained essential oils. I only trust one company with my essential oils. You can check them out here
I was hit like a ton of bricks with the question, “why have I not added essential oils to my smoothies yet?” What rock have I been hiding under my whole life? I have added them to my food including, salad dressings and teas but not smoothies. So in the future there will be some smoothie recipes coming your way.
Unfortunately this recipe I have here is tea and not for a smoothie
So I brewed a bag of peach tea and a bag of green tea and I added about 2 teaspoons of honey( which is totally optional, I think it would taste great without it). Then I added water and 2 drops of Thieves essential oil to it.
 Wow!! Yum! 
It not only tastes good it gives your immune system a boost!! 
I had it hot then I made more and drank it cold! Both were fabulous!!

Let me know how you liked them!!
1 bag green tea

1 bag peach tea

2tsp honey(optional)

Water for adding more if you want

2 drops of Thieves essential oil 

Sliced peaches(optional)
That’s it!! 

Enjoy and happy oiling!!

⭐️ Hello August⭐️The Sunday of summer⭐️

⭐️ Hello August⭐️The Sunday of summer⭐️
Is there something that you have been wanting to try from Young Living like the new Savvy Mineral Makeup line, a diffuser, or maybe something you just have to have or are out of? Your in luck! This month I’m offering my wholesale discount! With a purchase of only $50. you get a few freebies from me as well! 
You’ll get:

A hand sanitizer spray made with essential oils(just in time for school)

“Tame that beard balm” made for your man with essential oils 

A choice of my homemade chapstick(made with essential oils)

And a sample of your choice of one of the four essential oils shown. Lime, bergamot,spearmint, or tangerine. 
Lime- Helps support the digestive and immune system and tastes great in water and ice cream 

Bergamot- Helps boost your mood and balance emotions 

Spearmint- Helps support a healthy digestive system 

Tangerine- Helps boost your mood and immune system and tastes great in bubbly water and ice cream

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day

Oh hum, Mondays. 

The blah of weekdays, the beginning of a long work week, the dragging yourself out of bed in hopes that you can find the will to function correctly day. Does anybody actually like this day? 

We all know it, we all feel it. Ya, it’s Monday! 

The alarm goes off, time to get up. Step out of bed, kick the bedpost with your pinky toe. Yeah, you know that toe was made to find the hardest objects in your walking path, right? After you either fall to the floor in agonizing pain or attempt the “walk it off” trot then wiping that little drop of liquid that squeezed out of your eye, you do your morning routine. You’re finally dressed, you’ve eaten what you call breakfast(which is a slab of toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar) you’re ready to go. As you’re walking out the door you look down to see if you have your keys and the same shoes on, you notice a bright white blob of toothpaste running down your ever so dark black blouse. You quickly run inside to clean up, you turn around and step in and almost slip in a puddle that your dog has just left. Thanks Fido! When you’re finished with all this maid work you get into the car and you notice your tank is on E and your gas light is flashing red at you, saying, “Your teen didn’t do what you asked after he used your car for a bowling night with the guys.” You inform your car that, “I don’t have time for this!” Your car responds, “Well, if you don’t get gas you’re not going to make it to work and you will be calling that teen to come save you.” So off you go.
You finally arrived at work just a few minutes late but really perturbed. Who’s job is it to take the dog out, why didn’t my child put gas in my car! Then you realize….I have a meeting today!… You quickly get your stuff together and head to the meeting room. After the meeting and a few hours later it’s time for lunch. You look down and realize you left your lunch at home. Ahhh! 

Could this day go on any longer?!

Yes..yes it could. It’s Monday, it could possibly go on forever. Sorry dear reader. 

My name is Erin Middleton, i’m a stay at home mom. Fortunately for me I don’t feel the rush or the moodiness of Mondays. All my days seem to run together, haha, I’m a mother of two little ones. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do have days that are mundane or I’m just in a foul mood. I have kids remember? Haha. But I’m here to tell you that I have had those days before and I have a way to deal with Mondays. I no longer let Mondays drag me down. I am in charge of my days and you can be too. I am here to help you. No more Monday Blues! I am here to save you!! 

My secret?!…I use essential oils in my diffuser.Yup, it’s that simple. Right on my countertop in my kitchen or in my living room. I have a diffuser in every room that I am in. I will put essential oils on me as well if I need an extra boost. There are oils out there that can help boost your mood to get you out of that deep rut. I like to diffuse Bergamont and spearmint together or orange and peppermint. These oils are very uplifting, can help you concentrate and will seriously put you in a better mood in no time. I’ve even created roller bottle blends that I carry with me when I am not happy.  I only trust one company for my essential oils. You can check it out here Or you can go check out my page on Facebook called “Oil it like you mean it”. I’d love to have you!

Here are a few recipes to try:

4 drops orange with 2 drops peppermint 

4 drops lavender with 2 drops rosemary 

3 drops bergamot, 2 drops lemongrass, 4 drops lime

2 drops peppermint, 1 drop of Joy, 3 drops lime

2 drops tangerine, 2 drops lime, 2 drops orange

And one of my most favorites I made up

2 drops of Joy, 2 drops of En-R-Gee, 1 peppermint 
Don’t have a diffuser? Or oils? If you’re interested in knowing more just email me or come visit my Facebook page! I’d love to answer any of your questions you might have or give you more information. This is my job, let me help you! Let me help you ease some of the burdens that you have on bad days. Or on days that you know could be stressful, let me help you.

Savvy Mineral Makeup by Young Living 

The choices for chemical free makeup are amazing with Young Living’s Savvy Mineral Makeup line. 


Do you want beautiful, youthful blushed cheeks? Well, you will love their blushes. There’s 3 colors: Smashing, I do believe you’re blushing, and Passionate. Savvy Minerals Blush provides a healthy looking glow that boosts your natural radiance.
Benefits and features: 

Gives cheeks a perfect flush

Provides a healthy radiant glow

Buildable color

Different colors to compliment all skin types

Long-lasting, all-day wear

Vegan friendly 

Not tested on animals 

Ideal for sensitive skin

Made with mineral-based ingredients 

Formulated without talc, synthetics fragrances, bismuth, parabens, petrochemicals, or phthalates.


The Savvy Minerals bronzers enhance your natural beauty with a healthy, sun-kissed glow. They create the perfect contour, with a buildable color that blends beautifully. 

Bronzers are made with mineral-based ingredients which is great for sensitive skin. There’s 2 color choices; Crowned all over and Summer loved
Benefits and features:

Gives skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow

Enhances tanned skin

Buildable color

Great for contouring 

Vegan friendly

Not tested on animals

Ideal for sensitive skin

Long-lasting, all-day wear

Formulated without talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or synthesis fragrances.


Young Living’s mineral foundation has you covered with a long lasting formula that is made from high-quality mineral-based ingredients for a more natural approach. It is a buildable formula which can be used for sheer or full coverage and blends flawlessly for a natural looking foundation that still diminishes the appearance of imperfections and blemishes.

It is also an all-day foundation, so you don’t need to worry about it as you transition between the home, work, and social life. It is specially crafted without fillers, synthetics, or parabens, making it a great foundation for sensitive skin.

There’s cool No 1, No 2, No 3, warm No 1, No 2, No 3 and dark No 1, No 2, No 3, No 4.


Formulated to bring out every woman’s unique and natural beauty. The lipstick glides on smoothly, with a creamy texture in medium coverage that makes application easy and forgiving. With natural looking beautiful shades that gives your lips a pop of rich color and a fuller look, this lipstick as just the right amount of shine, color, and pout to your lips. Made with naturally derived ingredients, including moisturizing botanicals, this lipstick is not tested on animals, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your lips. There are 4 different colors to choose from; Wish, Uptown Girl, Daydream, and On a whim.
Benefits and features:

Medium coverage

Adds shine in color

Creamy texture

Moisturizes lips

Improve the appearance of lip fullness

Glides on smoothly

Made with natural ingredients

Not tested on animals

Formulated without parabens, bismuth, talk, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants, petrochemicals,or phthalates.


Savvy Minerals lipgloss provides natural looking sheer to medium color coverage while adding shine. It applies flawlessly without the sticky feeling of many lip glosses. This lip gloss moisturizers and softens lips, while making them look fuller for a high-shine pout that completes your look. This lip gloss can be worn over the savvy minerals lipstick to go from fresh, natural day luck to an evening look with a boulder color impact. There are 2 choices, Embrace and Abundant. 
Benefits and features:

Adds shine

Not tested on animals 

Helps lips appear more full

Provides sheer to medium color coverage 

Moisturizes and softens lips

Made with natural ingredients 

Formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, bismuth, talc, synthetic fragrances or synthetic colorants.


Bring out the natural beauty of your eyes with savvy minerals eyeliner. This eyeliner has a long-lasting, High color payoff. It’s buildable color blends well to create neutral day and dramatic night looks. 
Benefits and features:

High color payoff

Vegan friendly 

Not tested on animals 

Long-lasting, all-day wear

Enhances natural beauty

Buildable color that blends well to create different looks

Made with mineral-based ingredients

Formulated without talc, parabens, bismuth, petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic fragrances.


Add some subtle drama or make a bold statement with these eyeshadows. They are made from a finely ground bass for a long lasting eyeshadow with a smooth, luxurious application. With a variety of shades these eyeshadows make it easy to create natural and dramatic looks that complement every skin tone. It can be worn all day so you have one less thing to worry about during your busy schedule. There are 8 choices; Diffused, Determined, Spoiled, Residual, Wanderlust, Best kept secret, Crushin’, and Unscripted.
Benefits and features:

Blends well

Enhances natural beauty

Not tested on animals and vegan friendly

Long lasting, all-day wear

Offers rich shades with high payoff in buildable color

Ideal for sensitive skin

Formulated without talc, parabens, petrochemicals,bismuth, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances


The misting spray is made with pure is that what oils, trace minerals, and entirely plant-based ingredients. The misting spray gives you more thorough foundation coverage, all while nursing and refreshing your skin. Spray your brushes with it to make a wet foundation.
Benefits and features:

Vegan friendly 

Soothes and refreshes skin

Provides more control with mineral powder makeup application 

Provides an aroma that inspires confidence 

Made with 100% naturally derived, plant-based ingredients 

Formulated without alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or colorant

Dragon Time (Aunt Flo)

Dragon Time is a blend of clary sage, fennel, lavender, marjoram, yarrow and Jasmine. The oils in this blend are beneficial for your hormones and emotional balance. It may help when you are having hormonal stress. It can be diffused or worn. I like to put it on the insides of my ankles and when I cramp I like to rub it over where the pain is coming from. In history this Young Living oil has been used to help alleviate premenstrual and menstrual cramps or any other discomfort. It could also help with prostate problems in men. 

So let’s go over the oils in the oils in this blend individually. 

Clary sage has a sweet, warm, exotic, herbal aroma to it. It’s floral scent has a great effect on nervous tension for both men and women and it is deeply soothing. The high concentration of esters may be responsible for its popular used to relieve premenstrual tension in women. It may help support the body in regulating and relieving discomfort associated with hormonal imbalance, menopausal symptoms and irregular menses. 
Fennel may help to improve our digestive systems by supporting our liver. It may help to calm spasms in the gut and may relieve minor bloating.
Lavender is a beautiful aroma and has traditionally been used for balancing the hormones. It is relaxing and can help boost your mood along with your nervous tension. 
Marjoram is a fresh herbal scent. It is used in cooking as well as in aromatherapy. It has the ability to comfort spasms and help regulate our emotions.
Yarrow is a warm, earthy, herbal aroma. It can help support the balancing of the uncertainty in our bodies during life changing events in our lives such as puberty and menopause. It is great for the prostate as well as a hormone balancer.  
Jasmine is a floral oil that is very calming and soothing. It is uplifting and can provide a relaxing atmosphere when diffused. It can be used for hormonal discomfort during menstruation. It may help ease cramps and spasms. It can help boost our confidence and help us to see our strengths. 
So after reading what these oils can do individually, Dragon Time makes a great blend for that time of the month when Aunt Flo comes to visit. She really can be a bore so it’s nice to have something else we can rely on to enjoy life while she’s here. No one actually invites this lady and nobody really wants her around but with Dragon Time it makes her easier to deal with and all the little annoyances she brings with her.

I loved being able to share this with you. I hope it helps you in the future. If you have any questions or want to try some oils feel free to email me or check out the website I’d love to chat! 
Love Erin


Happy oiling!!